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          • APX Permanent magnetic pressure constant variable frequency pump
          APX Permanent magnetic pressure constant variable frequency pump

          APX Permanent magnetic pressure constant variable frequency pump

          ●Integration design;
          ●Rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor;
          ●Ultra-high energy efficiency;
          ●Ultra-low-power consumption;
          ●Maintenance free in 2 years;

          1、Innovative integrated design, It is more effective to achieve the full working
          condition (whether peak or low-peak water), all-weather (whether sunny
          or rainy), the whole environment (whether indoor or outdoor) without
          differences in the terms of use!
          2、The whole system has 2 years warranty, which provides customers with a
          strong service guarantee and support system.
          3、The system uses rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor;
          Ultra-high energy efficiency & ultra-low-power consumption
          4、As low as 1W of standby power design, energy-saving technology is
          perfectly presented;
          5、Zero-maintenance of complete motor system with the world's most advanced
          motor non-inductive drive technology
          6、The completely innovative motor driving algorithm and flow channel design
          completely avoid the natural defect of the traditional vortex water pump with
          high power consumption at low flow rate. It is perfectly close  to the centrifugal
          pump with low power consumption, large flow, high head, and low noise
          7、The innovative design of the centrifugal fan blade for the cooling air
          blades, which effectively reduce the wind noise while obviously enhances
          the heat dissipation performance of the motor.
          8、The rotor shaft adopts stainless steel butt welding technology to ensure the
          over-current components never rust.
          9、The integrated pressure tank core diaphragm is IIR material. Durability
          and air tightness can be qualitatively improved.  Actually achieved
          maintenance-free in two years.
          10、The man-machine interface with LCD display, the most easy- to-
          operate foolproof design. Enables the barrier-free communication
          between the system and the user.
          11、Adopt world-class brand pressure sensors to improve the system
          12、The system integrated reverse valve structure makes the internal pressure
          persists when pipe network system under non - water condition
          13、Constant pressure control system to achieve water pressure constant,
          while the user has a perfect water experience.

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